Top 10 Toys of 2020


Top 10 Toys of 2020

December 2, 2020

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Find a variety of hand-selected books, games, plush, toys, & puzzles in our gift shop!

Getting the inside scoop on what it takes to run the Children’s Museum of South Dakota is one of the perks of being a member of our Kidoodle Council Youth Advisory Board. The council recently served as toy testers for our Museum gift shop, Play Central Toys, & Books.


If you’re looking for a gift for the special children in your life, look no further than the Top 10 Toys chosen by our 2020 Kidoodle Council members!

All of these items can be found in our gift shop, Play Central Toys, & Books and you’ll feel good knowing your purchase in our gift shop helps support the mission of the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.  

PS: If you are a Museum member, you save 10% off gift shop purchases. 

Let’s move on to the Top 10 Toys!

1. Douglas the Dino

Girl in face covering holding up dinosaur plush.
Lauren chose this dinosaur because it is so soft and cute. It’s also a toy that both boys and girls would enjoy. In her opinion, this dino would be so cuddly and nice to sleep with. And she feels like kids who have nightmares or fear the dark will feel safe or less scared when they sleep with him.

2. Easy-to-do Cross Stitch

Girl in face covering and pink glasses holding up cross stitch kit.
Maddix added the Easy-to-do Cross Stitch kit because older kids would probably like it and it would be a fun game for older kids. She also felt little kids would enjoy that there are lots of colors.


3. Joinks

Girl in face covering holding up Joinks toy.
Kate thinks that Joinks deserves to be number one because they have a ton of different ways to play with them! You can build structures, walls, and more. It is a 76-piece set with 37 dowels and 39 silicone parts. She adds you can basically build whatever you want!


4. Slapzi

Boy wearing a face covering holding up Slapzi game.
Logan says Slapzi is great because it is fun for ages 8 to 98 and he’s 9 so it is cool. He adds that this is fun for all ages. (If you didn’t catch that already!)

5. Pencil Nose

Girl in face covering holding up Pencil Nose game.
Josie thinks people should buy Pencil Nose because it’s fun to play with friends and family. It’s hard to draw with your nose and that makes it even more fun. Don’t worry, the game has cards that tell you what to draw … so it’s not too hard!

6. Owl Puppet

Girl in face covering holding up an owl finger puppet.
Our Owl Puppet swoops in as a favorite of Cora Jane’s. She likes this item because it is cute, fuzzy, and you can put it on your pencil. You can also cuddle with it or use it as originally designed, as a puppet!

7. Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink

Girl in face covering holding up owl, pig, pea plush with a book set.
The Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink book set paired with a plushie are the perfect addition to the list according to Charleigh. She notes that kids will like them because you get to read and play with the plush. She adds that you can read to your plush in bed and then sleep with your plushie. In her opinion, the plushies are super soft, fuzzy, warm, cute, and so much more.

8. Magna-Qubix

Boy in face covering holding up Magna Qubix toy.
Thanks to Beckett the Magna-Qubix are making the top 10 list for the second year in a row. He mentions they are fun and safe for all ages. He thinks a lot of people would like them overall!

9. Inny Bin

Girl in face covering holding up Inny Bin Fat Brain toy.
Marley brings the Inny Bin to our top ten list because it’s a fun game that would be enjoyed by younger kids. She feels, however, that it could also be enjoyed by older kids and adults. She notes that it could be used by multiple kids at a time with its flexible, bendy bands. Marley appreciated the concept of putting the shapes inside the Inny Bin and then taking them out again. (She also thought experimenting with other items would be super fun, too!)

10. Easy-to-do Crochet

Girl in face covering holding up crochet kit.
The Easy-to-do Crochet kit rounds out the list! Lia chose it because it is easy, gives you something to do, and you get to make something useful.

Bonus items you can buy online!

Play Along At Home Kits

Craft materials such as paper, yarn, colorful paper and more displayed on a wooden floor.
Our education team developed a series of kits that feature the most popular activities from our classes and camps. Each themed kit, designed for preschoolers on up, features 5 activities plus bonus materials.

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Gift Certificates

Gift cards and play passes for the Museum of South Dakota and Cafe Coteau set on colorful lego board.
You can also give the gift of PLAY! Give the gift of play and make memories that last a lifetime. Kids never get tired of playing, which makes a gift certificate or membership to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota a great gift that lasts all year long! (And they do not expire!)

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Don’t you think our Kidoodle Council members had some great suggestions? Their choices are sure to spark imagination and learning for all children and their grown-ups through play, creativity, and discovery. 

We hope to see you at Play Central Toys and Books for a playful shopping experience.  The gift shop has special hours during the holiday season, so be sure to stop by the next time you are in Downtown Brookings!