Meet Our Members: The Minor Family


Meet Our Members: The Minor Family

June 6, 2024

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There's always something new

The Minor Family plays along at the children’s museum 2 times a week, and with each visit they can always find a new adventure!

Meet the Minor family: Aubrey, Orrin (4), and Walker (1), who have been members since 2021. We asked Aubrey to share a bit about their life and their family’s experiences at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.

Tell us about your family:

Aubrey: Our family moved here in 2021 so that we can follow in the family profession of farming! While Dad is away working, Mom, Orrin, and Walker enjoy burning energy and playing here at the museum. We love to sing, dance, and learn every day!

Mom seated in the center with one infant on her right and a 4 year old on her left, all smiling at the camera.

How often do you come to the museum?

Aubrey: At least 2x per week.

What is your family’s favorite exhibit? Why?

Aubrey: We love playing in the water and fishing outside. When it’s winter, the grocery store always keeps us busy!

What keeps your family coming back to the museum

Aubrey: Every trip, no matter how frequent, we always can find a new adventure!

What is the most valuable thing about your membership?

Aubrey: My kids always come home tired! For mom that is invaluable.

What would you tell a family who’s coming to the museum for the first time?

Aubrey: Every age will have fun. From the small children’s play area to the clouds, there’s never a moment to stay still. Become a member, you will not regret it!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Aubrey: We feel like we are a part of a family here. The staff is always welcoming. We know that every time we come back, we will have an amazing experience.



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