Play Along at Home

Play Along at Home

Bring the Museum home with our Play Along at Home Kits!

Spark imagination and learning with an assortment of materials for you to play along with at home packaged in one convenient kit.

Each themed kit, designed for preschoolers on up, features 5 activities plus bonus materials.

Kits include recipes, directions, tips and tricks, and ways to support play, creativity, and discovery!

Your purchase supports our mission to spark imagination for children and their grown-ups.

Once you receive your kit, we’d love to see it in action. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and use #playalongsd.


Preschool Kit – Ages 3-5

Directions and materials for: 

  • 3 kinds of puzzles  
  • Maracas 
  • Magic Nuudles
  • Puppets 
  • Ribbon Dancers  

Bonus activities you can do with things found around your home: 

  • Moonsand  
  • Dream Dough  

$20 pick up // $30 shipped

Art Kit – Ages 6-12

Directions and materials for: 

  • Bracelet Looms  
  • Paper Mosaics  
  • Yarn Collage  
  • Beadie Buddies  
  • Origami  

Bonus craft materials include: 

  • Colored tape  
  • Pipe cleaners  
  • Scrapbook paper  

$20 pick up // $30 shipped

STEM Kit – Ages 6-12 

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. This kit contains directions and materials for: 

  • Spoon Catapults
  • Penny Spinners
  • Whirligigs  
  • Straw Rockets  
  • Chain Reactions  

Bonus activities you can do with things found around your home: 

  • Density Towers  
  • Fizzy Bubbles, Fizzy Cakes, and Fizzy Chalk 
  • DIY Lava Lamp  
  • Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt  

$20 pick up // $30 shipped

Looking for other ways to explore at home?

Find Recipes for Play and fun for all ages on our Seize the Play blog!


  • Make a mono print
  • Build a boat
  • Create shaving cream art
  • Design a puzzle
  • And more!

Looking for other ways to bring the Museum experience home?