Meet Our Members: The Donelan Family


Meet Our Members: The Donelan Family

November 3, 2023

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Museum membership offers freedom and flexibility.

Members from the moment the museum opened, the Donelan family still has more to explore.

People decide to become a member at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota for many different reasons. For Kristi, Scott, Max, and Will, the museum has become an integral part of their education.

We asked Kristi to share their family’s experiences with us. Read on!

Tell us about your family:

Kristi: My husband and I attended college at SDSU, and we’ve lived in Brookings ever since. We have two kids ages 18 and 9. We enjoy gardening, nature, animals, and stories.

The museum opened when my oldest was in kindergarten, we got a membership, and we’ve been using it ever since.

We homeschool our children and look at the museum as an important part of our boys’ education.

How often do you come to the museum?

Kristi: Weekly and sometimes daily.

What is your family’s favorite exhibit? Why?

Kristi: Whiskers & Tails because Will loves animals.

However, Will’s absolute favorite is the Maker Studio. He’s made some great friends and the teachers are amazing.

What keeps your family coming back to the museum?

Kristi: The variety of camps and after-school activities. We also love to enjoy the outdoor prairie during all four seasons.

Woman and mom kneeling in a sand pit with dinosaur toys smiling at the camera
Kristi and Will enjoy the outdoor prairie in all four seasons.

What is the most valuable thing about your membership?

Kristi: The freedom and flexibility to drop by for a quick visit or to stay half of the day. We also appreciate the discount on camps and maker studio classes.

What would you tell a family who’s coming to the museum for the first time?

Kristi: Follow your kid’s lead. It’s okay to just dive into one or two areas and really play there. There is so much to see and do so don’t feel like you have to do it all in one visit.

Do you want to visit the children’s museum again and again?