Learn Spanish with Dora in Mini Explorers


Learn Spanish with Dora in Mini Explorers

July 14, 2021

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Adventure through the forest, river, and mountains with Dora!

Learn 5 words in Spanish to use next time you go exploring!

At the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, we love to go exploring. We especially love to explore in miniExplorers, one of our favorite exhibits.

Play along with Dora as she teaches five words in Spanish that you can use while exploring.

Looking for more Spanish With Dora? Keep watching our blog to see which exhibit she visits next!

Video Transcript:

¡Hola amigos! (Hi friends!) Hi friends! We are in the Mini Explorer today. Estamos en el lugar de exploración hoy. (We are in the Mini Explorer today.) I need to use my binoculars because I need to watch everything around. Voy a usar mis binoculares para ver todo al rededor. (I need to use my binoculars because I need to watch everything around.) Come with me. I lovthe adventureMe encantan las aventuras. (I love the adventure.)

Árbol (tree)

Oh! I love this tree. This is a tree. Árbol (Tree), árbol (tree). Repeat? Árbolmuy bien! (Tree, very good!) I am going to see what is inside.

Animal (animal)

Oh, it’s beautiful! We have an animal. Animalanimal. Repeat, a es! (that’s it!) Animal. 

El puente (bridge)

Well, now I am going to use the bridge. El puente (bridge)el puente (bridge)Así es: el puente (That’s it: bridge). I love to watch from this binoculars because I could see everything. It’s a beautiful view! Come with me!

Bote (boat)

What I find here? Oh! There is a boat. Oh I love this river. I want to use the boat. Oh! Look at this one. I could see a lot of animals here. Other animalanimalanimal. Ooh, in the boat. Bote (boat), bote (boat). Si! Bote. (Yes! Boat.) Muy bien! (Very good!)

Cueva (cave)

Come with me! This is a cave. Cueva (cave), cueva (cave). Muy bien (very good). Cueva (cave). Ooh, be careful, be quiet, we see what is here. It’s dark. I think is a little dangerous. Let me check. Oh, it’s a bear. Oh! We need to quiet, I don’t want to wake up himOoh Come with me. I am going to climb the mountains. Oh¡ Yes oh! I am in the top. Puedo ver todo desde aquí arriba (I can see everything from up here). But I need to be faster with my road. I am going to use the slide. Voy a ser pida en mi camino (I’ll be quick on my way). You love the adventures? ¿Les gustaron las aventuras? (Do you like adventures?) A mi también (me too). Adios! (Bye!) 

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This program was developed by the Children’s Museum of South Dakota with grant funding through the South Dakota Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.