Learn Spanish with Dora in Kids Live!


Learn Spanish with Dora in Kids Live!

February 28, 2022

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Let's put on a tv show with Dora!

Learn 5 words in Spanish to use when making a tv show!

At the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, we love to perform. We especially love to put on a show in Kids Live!, one of our favorite exhibits.

Play along with Dora as she teaches five words in Spanish that you can use when putting on a tv show.

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Video Transcript:

¡Luces, cámara, acción! Lights, camera, and action!  

Hola amigos. Hi friends, we are in the Kids Live. This is the place where you could dream, you could dream what ever you want to be in the future.

La cámara (camera)

For example, I would like to be a journalist and I need to use my camera. La cámara (camera), la cámara. Repeat… Muy bien (very good), la cámara (camera).

El micrófono (microphone)

I am going to choose this one, because I am a weather reporter. And to be a weather reporter, you need to use a microphone. El micrófono (microphone), El micrófono. Repeat… ¡Así es! (That’s it!) Hi friends! We are here in the Kids Live, and we are to report about the weather today, the weather is not too good, snow is coming and it’s very windy. If you need to travel, you need to be careful. That’s the report for today… ¡Adios! (Goodbye!)

El dizfras (costume)

Now, here this is the place where you could use different costumes, hats and different kind the clothing and make your character like you want to be. For example, I could use this one and we say costume, but in Spanish was say… El dizfras (costume), el disfraz. Repeat? El disfraz (costume), muy bien (very good). But when is more than two, we say: Los disfraces (costumes).

El sombrero (hat)

And for example, if I want to choose a hat I could choose this one. This is a very elegant and very looking hat. And we call it Sombrero (hat). El sombrero (hat), el sombrero. Repeat? ¡Oh! ¡Así es! (That’s it!) ¡Muy bien! (Very good!)

What if I want to be a super hero? So I could use this cape here. I could be a super hero. Ooh! ¡Muy bien! (Very good!)  

Los zapatos (shoes)

And what if choose another option? For example, I want to wear different shoes. Los zapatos (shoes), los zapatos. Repeat… Los zapatos (shoes). ¡Así es! (That’s it!) Enjoy! ¡Adios! (Bye!)

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This program was developed by the Children’s Museum of South Dakota with grant funding through the South Dakota Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.