Learn Spanish in Café Oscar


Learn Spanish in Café Oscar

May 6, 2021

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Visit Café Oscar with Dora for a yummy lunch!

Learn 5 words in Spanish that you can use the next time you are at the café.

At the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, we love to stop by the café for lunch. Play along with Dora who will teach you the Spanish words for five of our favorites.

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Video Transcript:

іHola amigos! (Hi friends!) Hi friends.

We are here in the Café Oscar. Estamos en el Café Oscar (We are here in Café Oscar). Can I help you? Puedo ayudarlo? (Can I help you?) Come here¡Venga aquí! (Come here!)

Menú (menu)

This is the menu, we are offering many different kind the food. Este es el menú y ofrecemos diferentes tipos de comida. (This is the menu, we are offering many different kinds of food.) Menú (Menu)menúmenú. Repeat? ¡Perfecto! 

Emparedado (sandwich)

Oh, would you like to order something? Mmm, ok! I think it is a good idea. We are going to start with the sandwich. Oh! I’m sorry! I need to wash my hands. Hmm! Ok! SandwichEmparedado (sandwich). You could say sándwich, or you could say emparedado (sandwich). Emparedado. ¡Muy bien! 

Helado (ice cream)

This is ready. You said something about icecreamHelado (ice cream). This one? Ok. Menta. Mint. Fresa. Strawberry. Vanilla, vainillaHelado (ice cream). Repeat? Helado. ¡Muy bien! (Very good!) Maybe you need one spoon. This is ready. 

Vaso de agua (glass of water)

What other thing. Otra bebida (another drink). Beverages. Oh! You want a glass of water? ¡Muy bien! (Very good!) Vaso de agua, (glass of water) vaso de agua. Repeat? ¡Perfecto! (Perfect!)

Caja registradora (cash register)

Ok, the price is twenty dollars. Yes! Ok. I’m going to use my cash register. La caja registradora (the cash register)caja registradora. Repeat? Caja registradora (cash register). ¡Muy bien! (Very good!) You need some money back. This is your money. Ok, you could enjoy it here. Enjoy the food! Now, I need to clean my place. I need to sweep. Vamos a barrer (let’s sweep). Now I need to mop. Vamos a trapear (let’s mop). Ready, it’s clean for tomorrow. Come back. Adios! (Bye!)

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This program was developed by the Children’s Museum of South Dakota with grant funding through the South Dakota Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.