Kidoodle Council Selects Top Toys of 2022


Kidoodle Council Selects Top Toys of 2022

November 7, 2022

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Find a variety of hand-selected books, games, plush, toys, & puzzles in our gift shop!

Our Kidoodle Council Youth Advisory Board recently served as toy testers for our Museum gift shop, Play Central Toys, & Books.

If you’re looking for a gift for the special children in your life, look no further than our gift shop, Play Central Toys, & Books.

And you’ll feel good knowing your purchase in our gift shop helps support the mission of the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.  

PS: If you are a Museum member, you save 10% off gift shop purchases. 

Let’s start with the fuzzy ones!

Amuseable Pineapple  

girl holding a plush pineapple
This large pineapple is very soft and adorable. It’s great for anyone who loves yellow or pineapple. – Charleigh

Amuseable Corn  

boy holding plush corn
You should get this because IT’S CORN! And the corn kid came to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota. This feels so soft, it’s made with high-tech fluff. – Henry


Amuseable Tomato  

girl holding plush tomato
This big tomato is so squishy and just the right size to be cuddly. I can pretend to cook with it and it’s my favorite food. It has soft fur so I can also play hair salon with it or with its pretend legs we can play tomato on the run or gymnastics. -Lyric


Pretty Patisserie Desserts  

girl holding a tray of plush desserts
These would be good for pretending you are a chef. It feels like they are high quality, and they are not too big. You could get a whole set because they are so soft and cute. – Libby

Bernese Mountain Dog  

girl holding a bernese mountain dog plushie
This dog is so soft and the perfect small size. You can take it anywhere without taking up too much space. It’s machine washable and the eyes are sewn in well making it safe, so they won’t fall off. It has the cutest face ever and you can pretend it’s a real dog. – Josie

T-Rex Dinosaur with sounds  

boy holding a plush t-rex dinosaur
You can snuggle with this dinosaur and it’s a nice calm-down toy. It has real sound effects and represents something that used to be extinct. – Jack

Blaze Husky  

girl holding a husky dog plush
You can cuddle this toy and it’s so cute. It would be easy to play with a lot and pretend it’s a real dog. – Raquel

Zigby Gray Stripe Cat   

girl holding a striped cat plush
It’s so furry it reminds me of my little cats at home and they are so friendly. It would be nice for any kid to love and play with. – Whitley

Freckled Appaloosa Pony  

girl holding a horse plush
This pony would be so fun to play with. You can bend its legs and head making it feel real. It would be great to pretend to take care of it and it shows you that some horses are different colors. It’s a high-quality plush so if you are careful, it will last a long time. This great gift doesn’t take up a lot of space. – Elizabeth

These next nine toy picks are great for all ages and make giving the gift of play easy!  

Dimple Digits  

girl holding a colorful dimpl digits toy
They are fun and entertaining while teaching numbers. It’s also nice that they are quiet. – Adyth

Simple Dimple

girl holding colorful simple dimpl toy
It’s fun to play with and it’s small enough to carry it. It would be entertaining on a car ride or anywhere else. – Ayla

Hey Clay

boy holding a dinos hey clay box
This clay is device-connected which gives ideas and instructions on how to make different things. With clay you can make sculptures. – Otto

Magna-Tiles Farm Set 

girl holding a magna tiles farm set
This set is cool, and the pieces can move around. It’s a gift that’s not too bug and can be easily cleaned up. – Samara


boy holding a plus plus game
It is not just one thing; you can make a trillion things out of it. It doesn’t take up a lot of space either. – William


girl holding a knitting kit
This gift teaches you how to do something. Then you can make lots of things like pillows and stuff which is so cool. – Corbyn

Mental Block Game  

boy holding a mental block toy
This is a fun game that teaches important things to know. When you are in a problem-solving situation, you need to be able to learn the strategy. This makes a great gift because it can be shared with other people to play. – Anthony

T-Rex Rumble

girl holding a t-rex rumble box
This is a unique game that may not be found in other places. It teaches you that there are challenges in life and that some challenges are hard while others are easy. It is also great because you must work as a team, and it is nice to cheer people on. It is fun to pretend to be a T-rex and ages 7 to 107 can play. – Jaclyn

Geo Twister  

boy holding a geo-twister toy
The Geo Twister is fun because it twists into different shapes. This is a fidget that challenges you. – Grifynn

Gift Certificates

Gift cards and play passes for the Museum of South Dakota and Cafe Coteau set on colorful lego board.
You can also give the gift of PLAY! Give the gift of play and make memories that last a lifetime. Kids never get tired of playing, which makes a gift certificate or membership to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota a great gift that lasts all year long! (And they do not expire!)

Buy a gift certificate online


Didn’t our Kidoodle Council members have some great suggestions? Their choices are sure to spark imagination and learning for all children and their grown-ups through play, creativity, and discovery.  

We hope to see you at Play Central Toys and Books for a playful shopping experience.  The gift shop has special hours during the holiday season, so be sure to stop by the next time you are in Downtown Brookings!