New Book Day!


New Book Day!

January 12, 2018

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Books are a huge part of the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.

For those who have played here, it will be no surprise that more than 550 books are on the museum floor at any given time.


If you are a book person you can imagine how exciting it is to place new, fresh, fun books in the museum exhibit spaces. So, we thought we’d share the excitement. Here’s just a sample of new books that are headed to the floor this week.

Tiny Town – Mini Explorers

Tiny Town by Suzy Ultman is a board book designed for little hands. It welcomes you to a town where you can dine on delicious desserts, browse the bright bookstore, and gather some grand groceries. As a matter of fact, it reminds us of our own KidStreet. If you’re looking for a book big enough to help you explore the world yet still fit in the palm of your hand, you will love Tiny Town in miniExplorers.

Tiny Farm – The Farm

Staying in the same format, Suzy Ultman’s next board book about a Tiny Farm invites you to pat the playful pigs, enjoy enchanting eggs, and hide among the harvest. The whimsical illustrations and peek hole in each page keeps children, and adults, searching for more. The book will find it’s home in (you guessed it) on the Prairie Farm!

The Book of Mistakes – Café Oscar

It started with one mistake. The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken is the type of book that people of all ages can relate to. Illustrations that start as splotches and blops grow into a magnificent message that is simple, yet profound. What if instead of mistakes, we considered our unintentional blunders a new beginning? If you are looking for this inspiring book at the museum, head straight to Café Oscar.

Neffy and the Feathered Dinosaurs – KidStreet

Stuffed dinosaurs reading dinosaur books is the theme of KidStreet. And like most dinosaur fans, we find it important to stay on top of the latest dinosaur research. So, we are excited to have one of the first picture books to explore the fact that many dinosaurs were indeed feathered. In Neffy and the Feathered Dinosaurs, Author Joe Lillington takes us on an adventure through the eyes of Neffy, a young microraptor. Intertwined in the story of Neffy preparing for her first flight, readers are introduced to a variety of dinosaurs learning many facts, from diet and habitat, to whether they were feathered or not. For those wondering about our own Mama T. Rex, many paleontologists believe that young Tyrannosaurus rexes were covered in a layer of soft feathers for warmth.

What’s Cooking? – The Market

Do frozen peas grow on frozen trees? Many an important question has been asked in Joshua David Stein’s, What’s Cooking? If you are short on dinner ideas, Stein’s book will surely present inspiration. This makes the museum’s Market Fresh Grocery a good place for its home. The illustrations are good enough to eat, which makes sense because Illustrator Julia Rothman is a real-life food artist. If you’ve ever wondered if you can fry gelato, or if it is best to freeze or squeeze grapes, Stein’s book will offer thought-provoking ideas.

First Book About the Orchestra – Sensations

The back of this book says children will enjoy discovering the magic of music in this book, but if we’re real here the adults are the ones having the most fun with the First Book About the Orchestra. The special thing about this book by Sam Taplin is that sounds are embedded on every page. You can hear wind instruments rehearsing one moment, and after turning the page it’s strings and brass. The story culminates with the entire orchestra playing a concert: oboes, flutes, clarinets, violins, timpani and more. You have to hear it to appreciate it. Find it way back in the corner in the Sensations exhibit.

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