Make a Dandelion Crown


Make a Dandelion Crown

May 21, 2023

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Dandelions may be a weed to some, but we think they are pretty fun!

Here’s a fun activity for the next time you come across a field of dandelions.

For many children, a dandelion bouquet is one of the first gifts to share with a loved one in the spring. We are going one step further and creating a dandelion flower crown!

Play along with Sierra, one of our volunteers, as she goes on a dandelion hunt and weaves up a super fun activity.

Gather Your Supplies

Dandelions are great for this project because they are common, easy to find, and they are pretty! They can often be found in city parks, empty fields, or in your very own lawn. If you are having a hard time finding dandelions, any flower with a long stem will do!


  • Dandelions
  • Ribbon, string,  or ribbon
  • Scissors


Let’s Get Started!

Look for dandelions (or other flowers) that have a long stem. The longer the better. Once you have them all collected, follow along using the picture slider below.

Once you are done weaving, measure your creation to make sure it is long enough to put on your head. Overlap the two ends to make a circle and tie them off with ribbon or string.

And that’s it!

Here’s where one of Sierra’s dandelion crowns ended up … on her dog!

Black and grey dog wearing a dandelion crown.
Luna wears a dandelion crown pretty naturally, don’t you think?

We’d love to see your crowns, too! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and use #playalongsd.