Learn Spanish on The Prairie Farm


Learn Spanish on The Prairie Farm

February 25, 2021

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Pick some carrots and potatoes with Dora on the farm!

Learn 5 words in Spanish that will help you the next time you are tending your vegetable patch.

At the Children’s Museum of South Dakota we love to eat fresh vegetables. Play along with Dora who will teach you the Spanish words for five of our favorites.

Watch the video and let us know which exhibit you want us to feature next!

Video Transcripts:

¡Hola amigos! (Hi friends!) Hi friends!

We are here in the farm. (We are here in the farm.) Estamos en la granja. This is my dog. Este es mi perro (this is my dog). He is my friend. Es mi amigo (he is my friend). We are going to harvesting some vegetables. Vamos a cosechar unos vegetales. (We are going to harvesting some vegetables.)

Maíz or elote (corn).

And here. Aquí. (Here.) We find some corn. Encontramos maíz (we find some corn). Maíz. (Corn.) In some places. En algunos lugares. (In some places.) They call elote. (Corn.) Elote, maíz. ¡Muy bien!

Calabaza (pumpkin).

And then… Luego. (Then.) We need some pumpkins. Necesitamos calabazas. (We need some pumpkins.) Let me check. Vamos a chequear. (Let me check.) Hmm. It’s ready. Está lista. (It’s ready.) Calabaza, calabaza. (Pumpkin.) Perfect! ¡Perfecto! (Perfect!)

Tomates or jitomate (tomato).

Oh! We have many tomatoes here. Tenemos muchos tomates aquí. (We have many tomatoes here.) Pero necesito mirar los mejores. (I need to check what is the best.) Hmmm. Listo, (listen) Está muy bien. (That’s ready!) Tomato. Tomates, tomates. In some places they call jitomate and it’s the same. Jitomate or tomate. Perfect!

Papas (Potatoes).

Oh! What we have here? ¿Qué tenemos aquí? (What we have here?) Potatoes, yes! I need for the farmer market. Some potatoes. Papas. (Potatoes.) This is very hard. Papas, papas (potatoes). ¡Perfecto! (Perfect)

Zanahoria (Carrot).

Ah! What is the next? Oh! Hmm. I think my carrots are ready. Ready for the farmer market. Listos para el mercado. (Ready for the market.) Carrots. Zanahoria, zanahorias, zanahorias. (Carrots.) Oh! This is a…. oh ready! Hmm. I was thinking wow very hard. Zanahorias, muy fuertes (Carrots, very strong). Hmm, ah smell so fresh. Hmm Están frescas, zanahorias. (They are fresh, carrots.) Now, my harvest is ready. Mi cosecha está lista. (Now, my harvest is ready.) I’m going to take to the farmer market to sell. Now we see the next one. Nos vemos luego. (See you later.)

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This program was developed by the Children’s Museum of South Dakota with grant funding through the South Dakota Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.