Take an Adventure … Scavenger Hunt Style!


Take an Adventure … Scavenger Hunt Style!

August 6, 2020

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Embrace your inner adventurer

You don’t have to travel far to have an adventure. Take part in a scavenger hunt and discover new things, high and low!

Embrace your inner adventurer as you seek out shapes, colors, objects, or possibly hidden treasures in your home or outside. And like every adventurer, tools can be very helpful along the way.  

Use a magnifying glass, a pair of binoculars, a spyglass, or make a special shape and color finding tool like the ones we have in our video! Play along with us! Lauren will explain the project in English, and Dora will describe the project in Spanish. 

Make your own tool

If you’d like to make one of these shape and color finding tools, it is very simple. You can easily use materials that you may have around your home.  

Search your kitchen for some paper plates (or perhaps some sturdy cardboard). Then choose a shape and cut it out in the middle.

Choose a color, and cover the rest of the plate with it. 

Then, you can use the tool to help you find objects that match around your house!

Set items on your plate that match its color or shape. Or hold up your plate, look through it, and see if you can spot items around your home or outside. If you’re observant, maybe you’ll find both the shape and color in the same spot!  

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating and exploring scavenger hunts. Try making clues given through riddles, pictures, or sounds. Or, create a map leading to hidden treasures. You can even invite a friend to adventure along with you.

Don’t forget your tools to help you along the way! We hope you have fun adventuring, searching, discovering, and exploring the world around you.  

The Children’s Museum is also a great place to explore. Stop by our Welcome Desk to check-out our scavenger hunts!