View of the ceiling mobiles in Cafe Coteau at the Children's Museum of South Dakota.


Coteau’s Table Sets Fall Schedule

September 20, 2019

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Café Coteau is continuing its global table series expanding into October and November, including both dinner and breakfast options.

Coteau’s Table features food from other parts of the world ranging from Irish to Persian, and Chinese to Italian. 

Each scheduled meal features a unique menu. Reservations for Coteau’s Table meals are required and can be made by calling 605-692-6700, ext. 1. Check out the menu below.

Dietary accommodations are available upon request. Café Coteau is open to the public and museum admission is not required to dine in the restaurant.


Reservations available between 5:30 -7 pm

Saturday, Oct. 12 – Irish
Traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie with Beef, served with Herb Cheddar Soda Bread, and Beetroot Side Salad

Saturday, Oct. 19 – Italian
Classic Pasta Carbonara made with Guanciale, Pecorino Romano, Black Pepper, and a Creamy Egg Sauce. Paired with Homemade Italian Bread

Saturday, Oct. 26 – Persian
Fresh Herb Khoresh made with Lamb and Red Beans. Served with Homemade Herb Yogurt, Saffron Basmati Rice, and Hot Persian Tea


Reservations available between 9-10:30 am (Note: The regular Café menu will not be served at this time due to the special event.)

Saturday, Nov. 9 – Chinese
Creamy Chicken Rice Porridge with Steamed Egg, served with a Fried Donut Stick, and Chinese Tea

Saturday, Nov. 16 – Norwegian
Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs over Toast with a side of Fruit and Berry Risgøt Oats. Served with Norwegian-style coffee

Saturday, Nov. 23 – Israeli
Shakshuka comprised of a subtly Spicy Red Pepper and Tomato Sauce with Crumbled Feta. Topped with a Sunny Side Up Egg. Served with Warm Pita Bread and Israeli Tea

Reservations are required by calling 605-692-6700, ext. 1. Dietary accommodations, including a vegetarian option, available upon request.