‘Children’s Museum of South Dakota Day’ Named Across State


‘Children’s Museum of South Dakota Day’ Named Across State

September 8, 2015

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South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has declared Sept. 12, 2015, to be “Children’s Museum of South Dakota Day” in the state.

The Executive Proclamation from the Office of the Governor reads, in part:

“Whereas, on September 12, 2010, the Children’s Museum of South Dakota in Brookings, SD officially opened for guest visits; and

Whereas, the Museum helps spark learning through imagination, creativity, and discovery through interactive, informal, hands-on exhibits and demonstrations that include subjects in science, engineering, art, literature, culture, geography, and history; and

Whereas, visitors from all 50 states and numerous countries have enjoyed the memorable, fun and educational experiences the Museum provides; and

Whereas, the Museum receives ongoing local, regional, national, and international recognition; and

Whereas, the Museum contributes significantly to the economic impact of tourism for the state; and

Whereas, the Museum continues efforts to collaborate with citizens and other like-minded organizations to increase visitor numbers and elevate experiences; and

Whereas, the Museum relates to its community, its region, its children, and their learning wants and needs; and

Whereas, the Museum strives to allow play to enhance a love of nature, build a stewardship of the environment, learn about the people, community and cultures of the region and world, foster creativity and expression, enhance open-mindedness and curiosity, give back to the community, build appreciation of diverse perspectives, generate inclusion for all, and create a passion for lifelong learning:

Now, Therefore, I, Dennis Daugaard, Governor of the state of South Dakota, do hereby proclaim September 12, 2015, as Children’s Museum of South Dakota Day in South Dakota.”

The Museum also received a Mayoral Proclamation naming “Children’s Museum of South Dakota Day” in the city of Brookings on September 12, 2015 and every year hereafter by Brookings Mayor Tim Reed.

The Museum will be celebrating the 5th anniversary on September 13, 2015.