Discover Asian Culture Through Celebrations


Discover Asian Culture Through Celebrations

September 22, 2023

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Discover Asian Culture

Celebrations is an exhibit designed to bring people together to explore New Year celebrations in South Korea, China, and Vietnam.

Using the imagery of fireworks, lanterns, lotuses, and kites children can participate in activities such as drumming and storytelling in the new exhibit located on the 2nd floor of the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.

Looking to discover more Asian Culture?

Take a look at these resources provided by the Freeman Foundation and the Association of Children’s Museums.

Read Asian Literature

Get cozy in our exhibit space and read the many books provided.

Or, check out this list by the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) that focuses on narratives from China, Japan, and South Korea and is categorized by grade level.

View recommended books

Go on a Virtual Adventure

Adventure through Asia to learn about its diverse countries and cultures.

The Asia Society Texas Center has designed many at-home lessons and activities to help spark curiosity about Asia and begin to foster cultural empathy while exploring 7 diverse Asian cultures.

Adventure through Asia

Learn About Cultural Celebrations in Asia

Check out the Asian Art Museum’s Cultural Celebrations resources to:

Learn about other celebrations

Learn about Japanese folktales

Create a mini kamishibai (paper play) and learn about Japan’s most popular stories

Create a mini kamishibai

Explore a Japanese House

Learn about the machiya, a traditional urban house from Kyoto, Japan. A reconstruction of a well-preserved machiya is located at the Boston Children’s Museum, and you can even take a virtual tour. 

Here are a few activities from the Boston Children’s Museum that are designed to help you learn even more about Japanese culture.

Explore Lessons and. Activities

Get Up and Moving

Learn the Ribbon Dance to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Children can learn a series of beautiful and fun movements and learn how to draw shapes in the air with props easily found at home.

head over to youtube

Want to explore even more?