A Walk in the Park


A Walk in the Park

July 27, 2021

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Slow down and let your children take the lead on your next walk.

Open your eyes to see the world from a child’s perspective and watch how they interact with it.   

Nature and children are a picture-perfect combination for exploration, discovery, and bravery.

Heading out on a walk is one of the easiest ways to cultivate curiosity.

Here are some benefits of letting your child lead the way during your next walk.

Make Discoveries

Going on walks is fun and interesting for children. With every step they take, there is a chance to notice new things along the way.

When children walk at their own pace it allows them to further discover the world around them. Perhaps it is a colored leaf, a fun-shaped stick, or a new bug that moves in curious ways.

Looking to log your discoveries? Check out our Nature Journal Recipe for Play!

Promote Independence

Leading the way is a powerful experience for children. It helps promote independence by giving them the freedom to make decisions about the journey you are taking as a family.

As new obstacles or climbing opportunities appear on their path, they can test some safe risk-taking skills as an adult can observe from afar.

Two toddlers dressed in jackets and pants on a sunny day looking out onto a blue lake.
Giving children a chance to lead the way and explore will offer you a chance to see things from a fresh perspective.

Promote Healthy Living

Getting children excited about walking from a young age is an investment for life as they develop a habit of exercise. Walking helps keep both your mind and body healthy while boosting your mood. Children’s self-esteem is nurtured as they confidently lead their families on walking adventures.

As walks become part of your regular routine, you will quickly discover your children’s favorite outdoor interests.

Enhance Your Adventure

Remember to bring your phone or camera to take pictures because a stroll through the park is the perfect opportunity to create experiences for future strolls down memory lane.

If you are looking to enhance your adventure, download this delightful ladybug scavenger hunt. It will provide a way to add new discoveries along your favorite walking path!

Add a Scavenger Hunt game to your next walk!