Children's Museum of South Dakota


Native American Day Celebration Features Special Guest

Date: Oct 06, 2014

Museum Holds Special Celebration

The Children’s Museum of South Dakota celebrates Native American Day Monday, October 13 with activities and special guest Dallas Chief Eagle II.

Chief Eagle, featured in the hoop dance video in the Museum’s ‘Our Place on the Prairie’ exhibit space, is a recognized master of the Lakota hoop dance.  A member of the Rosebud Lakota nation, Chief Eagle shares and teaches the traditional hoop dance in a manner that visitors enjoy while learning about the development of their own characters.

Chief Eagle will lead several events throughout the day, including storytelling, hoop dancing, games and other hands-on activities.

“We’re excited to work with him, as he’s really been part of the museum from the beginning,” Director of Education Carrie Benson said. “Thousands of people have learned hoop dancing from his interactive video featured in our ‘Our Place on the Prairie’ exhibit. We are excited to provide an opportunity for guests to interact and learn from him in person.”

While the Museum is closed most Mondays, they will welcome visitors 1-4pm on this special day.