A girl holding up the book, Book-O-Masks.


Wacky and Wearable Books

March 1, 2018

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Introducing Wearable Books to Kids Live

The Children’s Museum of South Dakota honors children as learners by offering them the tools to be in charge of their own learning. With this in mind, we are excited to turn the blog over to some of those children. We start with 10-year-old Sierra, who describes
herself as a voracious reader.

There are going to be new books in Kids Live, and they are going to bring lots of giggles! They are wearable books by a pair of dads, Lemke and Lentz. And not only can you read them, but you can wear them too.

My favorite part about them is that there are colorful illustrations and fun-to-read stories on each page. Also, I like that it’s reading material and a costume at the same time.

A child's hands holding the book, Book-O-Masks.

In the first one, Book-o-Teeth, your child can have vampire teeth, beaver teeth, werewolf teeth, skeleton teeth, shark teeth, and zombie teeth. In Book-o-Hats you can have a builder hat, a chef hat, a firefighter hat, and much more. In Book-o-Beards and Book-o-Masks, there are more wacky and wearable pages. All of these books are located in Kids Live! at the Children’s Museum in Brookings, South Dakota.

Want to bring the fun home? These books are also in the gift shop. They spark imagination and bring fun to your day, so check them out! Tons of fun awaits you!

We add new books to the museum floor regularly. Do you have a child who would be willing to volunteer to share their opinion about our new books? Or do you have a classroom who would like to take on a similar book-related project for our website? Contact us!