The Book Reviews Keep Coming


The Book Reviews Keep Coming

June 11, 2018

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The book reviews just keep coming! Finding fun and unique books to place on the museum floor is a lot of fun for us, but even more fun is finding out what children think about them.

Art and Max

Ella recently shared a video with her opinion of “Art and Max” by David Wiesner. Spoiler alert, she liked it so much she read it multiple times! Watch her video to see why she found it so entertaining.

Greet the Dawn: The Lakota Way

Our next book is “Greet the Dawn: The Lakota Way” by S.D. Nelson. Alexis wrote the following about this book that is located near the tipi on the indoor prairie:

What I like about the story is that it has the eagle and the eagle is our state bird. I like the illustrations because they are detailed. The quote that I liked was “Brother Eagle flies high with outstretched wings.”

I would want to read this book all day every day. My favorite part was where people are sitting outside at night. What makes this book special is it is like a poetry book. My little brother is perfect for reading this type of book. This book makes me think a lot because how do they make all the tiny details without messing up?

Library Mouse

Finally, Benjamin shared his opinion of “Library Mouse” by Daniel Kirk. You can find the book Library Mouse (not a real mouse!) in the library in Cafe Oscar. Here’s what Benjamin said about the book:

This book is all about a library mouse. Sam the mouse started to write a book about a mouse’s life. And then the next day the kids come to the library and they find the book interesting.

So Sam wrote another book about the lonely cheese. The next day the kids come back they find it interesting, too. So Sam wrote a book about a mouse mansion. And the kids come back the next day. And the kids think it’s very very interesting.

And then he gets a letter at night and it says: The kids really like your books and they want to meet you. So he thought that everybody would think that the mouse didn’t write the books. So Sam made a box that said meet the author but then everybody thought the author was them because there was a mirror in the box! This book was very interesting.


These are just three of the books located in our exhibits at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, but there are more than 500 more where that came from. We invite you to #PlayAlongSD with us: Do you have a child who would be willing to volunteer to share their opinion about books on our museum floor? Or perhaps they have a favorite book that we should consider adding to our collection? We’d love to hear about it.