Read Along with the Kidoodle Council


Read Along with the Kidoodle Council

March 11, 2019

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With 550 books to choose from it's best to get an opinion

Kidoodle Council Youth Advisory Board shares their thoughts on a few of the titles in the Museum book collection.

The Children’s Museum of South Dakota announced its first Kidoodle Council Youth Advisory Board in 2019. The council consists of twenty-two 6-12 year-olds who generate ideas, give feedback, and serve as museum ambassadors in the community.

The group has already been hard at work testing toys, volunteering at special events, and reviewing books that are on our museum floor.

Did you know that the museum has 550 books on the museum floor at any given time? Kidoodle Council members Marley and Jordyn have shared their thoughts on two books you can find in the Museum’s Maker Studio:

The Dot

By Peter Reynolds

Book Review by Marley

What I like about the story is that at first, Vashti didn’t know how to draw. So, her teacher told her to make a dot. So Vashti did. And then Vashti kept making better and better dots. Eventually, she helped a little boy the same way her teacher helped her.

What I like about the illustration is that they are very unique. I also like that the book is black and white because I think it makes the colors of the dots stand out.

Crayon drawing of the cover of the book, "the dot"I think that a message this book gives is, “You have to try it before you say you can’t.” Even though Vashti said she couldn’t draw, she still drew the dot, and she ended up making better dots.

I would want to read this book again because I like the illustrations, I like the message, and I just like the overall book. My favorite part was probably when she showed the little boy the line he drew and said, “sign it.”

What makes this book special is the style of the words is different from any book I have ever read. The illustrations are different from other books as well. I think that a reader who would like the main character to find his/her passion in the story would like this book.

Thank you for reading my book review on The Dot! I hope you liked it, too!


The Book of Mistakes

By Corinna Luyken

Book Review by Jordyn

  1. Cover of The Book of Mistakes featuring five humans floating hanging on to a group of yellow balloons.What I like about the story:
    I like that it tells you: If you make a mistake make something new out of it.
  2. What I think about the illustrations.
    I like how they show you what the mistake is so people know what is going on.
  3. An interesting quote I liked.
    “That was a good idea.”
  4. Would I want to read this again?
  5. What was my favorite part?
    When everything came together and made something new.
  6. How is this book special?
    You hardly ever read a book with a mistake!
  7. What type of reader would enjoy this book?
    Everybody because everybody makes mistakes. And people who love art.
  8. What does this book inspire me to do?
    Never give up because you can make something new out of it.
  9. I think this is a great book because no matter what you can always make something new out of your mistake.
  10. I think everybody should read this book because a lot of people give up when they make a mistake but you shouldn’t because you can make a mistake at almost anything.

Books Transport and Inspire

These two books can be found in our Maker Studio, which is open after school on Tuesdays through Fridays and on the weekend for Family Maker Studio and for other special events. Find specifics on our website calendar.  The books are also available in our museum gift shop, Play Central Toys & Books, if you want to bring the fun home!

Is there a book you’d like the Kidoodle Council to review? Or perhaps there’s a book we should consider adding to our collection? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.