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PLAY dough

December 3, 2018

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There’s a chill in the air and we have already seen the first few snow flurries of the season. As winter draws near we look for places of warmth and comfort. We hope that the Children’s Museum of South Dakota can be one of those places for your family. We see new families every day, but one of our most sought-after recipes regardless of season is Playdough.

The playdough recipe we use is a ‘no-cook’ recipe that uses only 4 ingredients and with just the right additions, can be spruced up to add a little seasonal cheer.Young girl sitting at table playing with dough in the Maker Studio.


3 cups flour

1 cup salt


  1. Add in any other desired dry ingredients (glitter, Kool-Aid for color and scent, etc.)
  2. Mix well
  3. Add in 1 ½ cups of warm water and ¼ cup baby oil and any other desired wet ingredients (extract for added scent, food coloring for color, etc.)
  4. Stir until a dough forms then knead the dough until desired consistency.

As fall transitions into winter, here are some of our favorite seasonal adaptations to help you through the shorter days:

Pumpkin Pie Dough – add ¼ cup pumpkin pie spice in with the other dry ingredients to make playdough that smells like fall.

Snow Dough – use the basic recipe, adding in ½ cup silver or blue glitter with the dry ingredients to make a white dough that sparkles. Give your little one some pipe cleaners and buttons and make a snowman while staying warm.

Dough snow sculpture with glitter on table.

Peppermint Dough – Make one batch of playdough using the basic recipe, adding in peppermint extract to the wet ingredients. Make a second batch of dough adding in red food coloring to the wet ingredients. After both doughs are created, swirl the doughs together to get a candy cane appearance. Or let the little ones in your life have fun mixing the two doughs together.

When you are done playing for the day, store the dough in a zippered storage bag or another sealed container at room temperature. It should keep for a week or more.