Meet Your Summer Reading Goals


Meet Your Summer Reading Goals

August 7, 2018

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Summer is slowly slipping away, but there are still plenty of days to enjoy the warm weather with a great book. Last spring, staff from the Children’s Museum of South Dakota met with students from Dakota Prairie Elementary during their Genius Hour. As a result, we have some great reviews of books located on our museum floor.

If you are looking for some great titles to inspire you or your children as they work to meet their summer reading goals, we invite you to come and read with us.


A girl holding up the book, Stretch. By Doreen Cronin and Scott Menchin

Reviewed by Maisie

I like this book because it talks about how to stretch. I think the illustrations are eye-catching. I think all readers would enjoy this book. It made me think a lot. This book inspires me to fly a kite. If you are looking for this book, you will find it in Airway Adventure.

I Face the Wind

By Vicki Cobb
Reviewed by Maisie

What I like about the story is that the illustrations are good. I think they are beautiful. My favorite part is that it made me think a lot about how to fly a kite. If you’re looking for this book, you will find it in Airway Adventure.

Frank and Ernest

By Alexandra Day
Reviewed by Isaac

A boy holding up the book, Frank and Ernest. From my understanding, Frank and Ernest are substitute workers for people on vacation. Frank is a bear and Ernest is an elephant. They have to work at a diner for three days. They learn the language of food and they are fluent in it. There are translations in the front and the back and they get good reviews. The illustrations were good. I liked the book, and I would recommend it. Find Frank and Ernest in Cafe Oscar.

Grumpy Goat

By Brett Helquist
Reviewed by Justise

A girl holding up the book, Lola at the Library. What I like about this story is that it is about animals. The pictures are fun to look at. Farm animals do talk to each other. My favorite part is that the goat is happy. It makes it special because it’s about farm animals. Any kid would like this book. I would read it again. It even inspired me to read another book about it. It made me smile and think a little. Find this book on The Prairie Farm.

What are you reading?

These are just a few of the books located in our exhibits, but there are more where that came from. We invite you to play along with us: Do you have a child who would be willing to volunteer to share their opinion about books on our museum floor? Or perhaps they have a favorite book that we should consider adding to our collection? We’d love to hear about it. Contact us!