Mama T. Rex Tapped to Lead Santa’s Sleigh


Mama T. Rex Tapped to Lead Santa’s Sleigh

December 21, 2021

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The Most Famous Rein(T. rex)Deer of All?

Mama T. Rex takes her turn leading Santa’s reindeer team, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Brookings, SD — In what may be called the opportunity of a lifetime, Mama T. Rex, the full-size animatronic dinosaur who calls the Children’s Museum of South Dakota home, has been selected to play an important part in Santa Claus’s evening of deliveries this holiday season.

Mama T. Rex was recently fitted with a glowing red nose to help guide Santa’s sleigh and is scheduled to help Rudolph and the 8 other reindeer meet their delivery quota.

“We are honored to be a part of such an important team and hope to spark lots of imagination this holiday season,” says Executive Director Kate Treiber. “We never would have expected to have this opportunity”

“We know that Mama T. Rex is the right dinosaur for the job!”

With South Dakota’s central location and wide open spaces, Mama has had good opportunity to practice for her flying mission.

T. rex bathed in green light with a glowing red nose standing outside the Children's Museum of South Dakota.
Mama T. Rex tests out her navigation system, a glowing red nose!

The magic of Santa helps Mama T. Rex gain enough strength and lift for flight, but perhaps her ancestry helps as well. Scientists have long suspected that birds are dinosaurs’ closest living relatives. Mama T. Rex’s son, Max, who lives in a cave on the Children’s Museum’s outdoor prairie has the feathers to prove it.

Stay tuned to the Museum’s social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to catch a glimpse of Mama T. Rex in action. The Children’s Museum team hopes that Mama T. Rex’s adventures spark a sense of play, creativity, and discovery for everyone this holiday season.


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