Genius Hour Book Reviews


Genius Hour Book Reviews

May 10, 2018

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For the past few weeks, museum staff members have been visiting Dakota Prairie Elementary School on Friday mornings for Genius Hour, where students have been taking time to explore book titles currently housed on the museum floor. They explored a variety of books and shared their opinions.

It’s been a great way to bring the museum out into the community and for museum staff to get to know the interests of students, especially as it relates to their book opinions! Our first reviewer, Tori, hopped to it and reviewed two books right away. If you’d like to read these books for yourself, stop by the museum and make time to play!

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato

By Lauren Child

Located in The Market

What I like about the book is her sister would give her fruits and vegetables, but she would not eat them. I think that some people would read this book. I would like to read this again. My favorite part was when there was a face in the peas. It inspires me about vegetables because you *should* eat healthy things. I really loved this book!

Toot Toot Zoom!

By Phyllis Root
Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Located in Under the Hood

What I liked about this story is the pictures are very creative. And how the words are written and they would use different colors too. I would read the book over and over again because it is really fun to read. It makes me think about watching where you are going and to be careful when you are stopping and going up a hill. The book is really exciting to read!!



These are just two of the books located in our exhibits, but there are more than 500 more where that came from. We invite you to #PlayAlongSD with us: Do you have a child who would be willing to volunteer to share their opinion about books on our museum floor? Or perhaps they have a favorite book that we should consider adding to our collection? We’d love to hear about it. Contact us!