Children's Museum of South Dakota

The Prairie Farm


It's Harvest Time

Many hands make light work on the Prairie Farm. Start your day by feeding the animals in the Prairie Barn. Then, plant or gather vegetables from the garden rows to take to the market.

Help move food from the farm to the market, as the large-scale conveyer belt encourages teamwork and cooperation. Picking, sorting, and circulating vegetables to the market and back again, visitors work on early math skills, engage in social and fantasy play, as well as developing gross and fine motor skills. By sorting and gathering vegetables for the market using the conveyor, they learn about following specific steps to complete a task.

As children work on the farm, they learn about daily chores, caring for animals, and working hard growing vegetables. The Prairie Farm helps visitors understand from where some of our daily food comes and how it gets to the market. Caring for the land and the animals builds respect for nature and our environment.