Children's Museum of South Dakota

Post Office


KidStreet businesses depend on the CMSD Post Office to sort and deliver their mail. At the CMSD Post Office, mail needs to be sorted and taken from the central mail drop, unloaded in the mailbox bin, sorted into cubbyholes, and delivered to businesses along KidStreet. So grab a mail cap, sling a carrier bag over your shoulder and head out on route. It’s a big job helping others in the neighborhood! 

At the Post Office, visitors may:

  • Weigh packages on the postage scale before taking them on route.
  • Drop letters through an open slot and down a shoot into a removable bin.
  • Unload the bin and sort letters and postcards into nearby cubbyholes, one for each KidStreet destination.
  • Fill a mailbag and deliver to mailboxes outside KidStreet storefronts. Each destination features its own easily identifiable symbol so our youngest visitors can match the symbol on the letter or package.

Taking on the role of delivering mail in the neighborhood provides children opportunities to help others stay connected to the community. As children play, they work on sorting and grouping letters (early math and literacy skills), ordering the letters to deliver (another early math skill), mapping out routes to deliver the mail (a cognitive skill), working with others to get the mail delivered (a social skill), and reading addresses while delivering the mail (an early reading skill). 


Learn more about these topics through the books below.
Many of these books are at the
Brookings Public Library.

Ages 3-6

Would You Mail a Hippo?, Viki Woodworth
The Post Office Book:  The Mail and How It Moves,  Gail Gibbons
Here Comes the Mail, Gloria Skurzynski
Delphine, Molly Bang
We Need Mail Carriers, Lola Schaefer

Ages 6-8

Let's Visit the Post Office, Marianne Johnston
Mr. Griggs' Work, Cynthia Rylant

Ages 9-12

Whiskerville Post Office, Joanne Barkan*
The Post Office Cat, Gail E. Haley