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A Well Rounded Experience

Houses look different in every part of the world. Mozambique houses are built completely round, using thatch, mud, and reeds. Help a family finish weaving the walls of their new home.

The family preparing to live in this house needs help finishing their walls by weaving reeds. After we're done, there will be a dinner celebration in their outdoor kitchen. Buckets, the fire ring, pots and pans, stools, and reed mats are set up outside under the babao tree, while many of the food props are stored inside the home.

In Imagine a House Mozambique, immerse yourself in the culture of Mozambique by:

  • Hiding out in the Baobab Tree
  • Dressing up in Mozambique costume
  • Preparing a feast of fish and vegetables
  • Playing the marimba


Learn more about these topics through the books below.
Many of these books are at the
Brookings Public Library.

Ages 3-6

Animal Adventure Series, "Crocodile Crossing", Schuyler M. Bull & Alan Male*

Ages 6-8

Along the Luangwa: A Story of an African Floodplain, Schyuler Bull, Alan Male,& Randye Kaye*

Ages 9-12

Continents in the Balance Series, "Mozambique: Africa", Tanya Mulroy*
Let’s Visit People and Places of the World, "Mozambique",  Roger James*
A Girl Named Disaster, Nancy Farmer
A Girl Named Disaster, [Reissue] Nancy Farmer* 
Do You Know Me, Nancy Farmer



*At the time of writing, these books were not found at the Brookings Library.