Children's Museum of South Dakota

Dino Dig


Can you dig it?

Peek around the corner and visitors may coax Baby Max T. rex out of his habitat, but be careful not to wake Mama!

At the Dino Dig, visitors conduct their own excavation. Unearth dinosaur bones that could be found on a South Dakota farm.

The Dino Dig inspires and stimulates children’s interest in paleontology and archeology. They’ll share in the awe of discovery as they view of Mama, a life-sized animatronic T. rex that stands 25 feet tall and 60 feet long. Using math skills of comparison, children will develop an appreciation of the size of a dinosaur versus other animals and buildings.


Learn more about these topics through the books below.
Many of these books are at the Brookings Public Library.


My First Dinosaur Board Book, In: My First Board Books
Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs! Sandra Boynton   


Five Little Dinosaurs, Will Grace 
Can You See What I See? Walter Wick 
How do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
The Last Dinosaurs, In: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures, Stuart Cowley & Steve Lings
Dinosaur! Peter Sis
Too Big!, Claire Masurel & Hanako Wakiyama
A Trio of Triceratops, Bernard Most
How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats? Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
One-a-saur, Two-a-saur, David Bedford & Leonie Worthington

Ages 3 - 5

Dinosaurs at the Supermarket, Lindsay Camp & Clare Skilbeck
Little Grunt and the Big Egg, Tomie DePaola
Time Flies, Eric Rohmann
What is a Dinosaur? In: Just Ask Book, Chris Arvetis & Carole Palmer
T. Rex Trick-or-Treats, Lois Grambling & Jack Davis
Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!? Lois Grambling & H.B. Lewis
Dino Pets, Lynn Plourde & Gideon Kendall
T. Rex and the Mother's Day Hug, Lois Grambling & Jack Davis 
You are Here, Dainty Dinosaur, Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz
Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo, William Joyce   E JOY JJ
Princess Dinosaur, Jill Kastner
Dino-Hockey, Lisa Wheeler & Barry Gott 
Brother Bear Loves Dinosaurs, Stan Berenstain & Jan Berenstain 
Dinosaur Chase, Carolyn Otto & Thacher Hurd
Dazzle the Dinosaur, Marcus Pfister & Alison James
A Day in the Life of a Baby Dinosaur, Lee Randall
Little Dinosaur, In: Aro Publishing Ten Word Book, Bob Reese
Dinos to Go, Sandra Boynton  
Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, Bob Shea
Good Night, Dinosaurs, Judy Sierra & Victoria Chess
Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp, Carol Diggory Shields & Scott Nash
How do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?, Jane Yolen & Mark Teague 
How do Dinosaurs go to School? Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
Dinosaurs, In: Usborne Touchy-Feely, Fiona Watt & Rachel Wells 
Dinosailors, Deb Lund & Howard Fine
I met a Dinosaur, Jan Wahl & Chris Sheban
A Pair of Protoceratops, Bernard Most
Gigantic! Patrick O’Brien
I'm Bad!  Kate McMullan & Jim McMullan
How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Jane Yolen & Mark Teague 
How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? Jan Yolen & Mark
How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Ages 6 - 8

Can You See What I See? Cool Collections, Walter Wick
Dinosaurs, In: My First Book of Questions and Answers, Maggie Brown & James Field
Dinosaur Detectives, In: DK Readers, Peter Chrisp
Dinosaur Deals, In: Math Start, Stuart Murphy & Kevin O’Malley
I Can Read About Fossils, John Howard & Lisa Bonforte
About Dinosaurs, In: We Both Read. Level 1-2, Sindy McKay & Robert Walters
Dinosaurs, In: Nature's Record-Breakers, Francis Davies & Gian Paulo Faleschini
Dinosaurs, In: 50 Words About, David Armentrout & Patricia Armentrout
The Big Dinosaur Dig, In: DK Readers. Level 3, Esther Ripley
Bill Nye the Science Guy's Great Big Dinosaur Dig, Bill Nye & Michael Koelsch
Looking at-- the Dinosaur Atlas, In: The New Dinosaur Collection, Tamara Green & Tony Gibbons
A Dinosaur's Day, In: DK Readers, Ruth Thomson
T. Rex, In: Step into Reading. A Step 5 Book, Thomas Holtz & Michael William Skrepnick
Armored Giants, In: Awesome Dinosaurs, Michael J. Benton 
Giant Plant Eaters, In: Awesome Dinosaurs, Michael J. Benton
Duckbills and Boneheads, In: Awesome Dinosaurs, Michael J. Benton
Dinosaur, In: Eye Wonder, Sarah Walker & Samantha Gray
Dinosaurs, In: Nature's Record-Breakers, Francis Davies & Gian Paulo Faleschini
Outside and Inside Dinosaurs, Sandra Markle
Dinosaurs, In: Kids Can Draw, Phillippe Legendre
Dinosaurs, In: Magic Tree House Research Guide ; #1, Will Osborne & Mary Pope Osborne
Dinosaur Dinners, In: Eyewitness Readers. Level 2, Lee Davis
Dinosaur Bones, In: A Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science Book, Aliki
Diplodocus, In: Graphic Dinosaurs, Rob Stone & James Field 
Pteranodon, In: If the Dinosaurs Could Talk, Stuart Kallen
Stegosaurus, In: If the Dinosaurs Could Talk, Julie Berg  
Tyrannosaurus Rex, In: If the Dinosaurs Could Talk, Stuart Kallen
Drumheller Dinosaur Dance, Robert Heidbreder & Bill Slavin
T. Rex, Vivian French & Alison Bartlett
The Field Mouse and the Dinosaur Named Sue, Jan Wahl & Bob Doucet
Tyrannosaurus Tex, Betty Birney & John O’Brien
A Dinosaur Named After Me, Bernard Most
The Dinosaurs are Back and It's All Your Fault, Edward!  Wendy Hartmann & Niki Daly
The Dinosaur's New Clothes, Diane Goode & H.C. Andersen   
Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones, Judith Byron Schachner 
Gorgonzola, Margie Palatini & Tim Bowers 
Dino-Soccer, Lisa Wheeler & Barry Gott 
Miss Smith Reads Again, Michael Garland  
T-rex is Missing!, In: All Aboard Reading. Station 1, Tomie De Paola 
Danny and the Dinosaur go to Camp, In: An I Can Read Book, Syd Hoff
Detective Dinosaur, In: An I Can Read Book, James Skofield & R.W. Alley
Dinosaur Detectives, In: Magic School Bus a Science Chapter Book ; #9, Judith Bauer Stamper & Ted Enik 
Buster’s Dino Dilemma, In: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book, Stephen Krensky
Terrible Tyrannosaurs, In: Let's-Read-and-Find-out Science. Stage 2, Kathleen Weidner & Lucia Washburn 
The Dinosaurs Meet Dr. Clock, Martha Weston
Buster Hunts for Dinosaurs, In: Passport to Reading. Level 1, Marc Tolon Brown
The Dog That Dug for Dinosaurs, In: Ready-to-Read, Shirley-Raye Redmond & Simon Sullivan
Dinosaur Hunter, In: An I Can Read Book, Elaine Marie Alphin & Don Bolognese
Dinosaur Habitat, Helen Griffith & Sonja Lamut
Dino Rib Ticklers, In: Read-it! Joke Books, Michael Dahl & Brandon Reibeling  
Dino Riddles, Katy Hall & Lisa Eisenberg  

Ages 9 - 12

Dinosaur Mummies, Kelly Milner Halls & Rick Spears
Eyewitness Dinosaur, In: DK Eyewitness Books, David Norman & Angela Milner  
In the Sky, In: Dinosaurs, Dougal Dixon
Herbivores, In: Dinosaurs, Dougal Dixon
Carnivores, In: Dinosaurs, Dougal Dixon 
In the Sea, In: Dinosaurs, Dougal Dixon
Dougal Dixon's Dinosaurs, Dougal Dixon
The World of Dinosaurs, Dougal Dixon
Dinosaurs, In: Make it Work! Science, Andrew Haslam
Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!  Kathleen Kudlinski & S.D. Schindler
When Bugs Were Big, Plants Were Strange, and Tetrapods Stalked the Earth, Hanah Bonner
Jurassic Poop, Jacob Berkowitz & Steve Mack
The Great Dinosaur Search, Rosie Heywood
Don't Know Much About Dinosaurs, Kenneth Davis & Pedro Martin
Dinosaurs to Dodos, Don Lessem & Jan Sovak
Tyrannosaurus, In: Graphic Dinosaurs, Rob Shone & James Field  
Triceratops, In: Graphic Dinosaurs, Rob Shone
Pteranodon, In: Graphic Dinosaurs, David West  
Great Dinosaur Hunters, In: World of Dinosaurs, Tamara Green & Richard Grant 
Dinosaur Babies, In: World of Dinosaurs, Tamara Green & Richard Grant
What Dinosaurs Ate, In: World of Dinosaurs, Tamara Green & Richard Grant  
They Lived With the Dinosaurs, In: World of Dinosaurs, Enid Fisher & Richard Grant
Stegosaurus and Other Jurassic Plant-eaters, In: Dinosaurs of North America, Daniel Cohen
The Last of the Dinosaurs, In: The Age of the Dinosaurs ; v. 12, Steve Parker  
Armored Dinosaurs, In: The Age of the Dinosaurs ; v. 10, Steve Parker 
Dinosaurs and Birds, In: The Age of the Dinosaurs ; v. 5, Steve Parker
Asteroid Impact, Doug Henderson
Dinosaurs, In: Zoobooks, John Bonnett Wexo
The Great Dinosaur Record Book, In: World of Dinosaurs, Enid Fisher & Richard Grant
The Nature and Science of Fossils, In: Exploring the Science of Nature, Jane Burton & Kim Taylor
The Search for Seismosaurus, Lynett Gillette & Mark Hallett
Draw! Dinosaurs, D.C. DuBosque
How to Draw Dinosaurs, In: Art Smart, Christine Smith
The Pebble in my Pocket, Meredith Hooper & Christopher Coady
Dilophosaurus, In: Dinosaur Library, Rupert Oliver & Andrew Howatt
Ankylosaurus, In: Dinosaur Library, Rupert Oliver & Bernard Long
Brachiosaurus, In: Dinosaur Library, Rupert Oliver & Roger Payne  
Chasmosaurus, In: Dinosaur Library, Rupert Oliver & Bernard Long
Dinosaur Hunters, In: Step Into Reading. Step 5, Kate McMullan & John Jones
Dinosaurios al Atardecer, In: La Casa del Arbol ; #1, Mary Pope Osborne & Sal Murdocca
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Basement, William DeAndrea & Matthew DeAndrea
Raptor, Paul Zindel
Dinoverse, Scott Ciencin & Mike Fredericks