Children's Museum of South Dakota

Cloud Climber


Walking on the Clouds

We can always count on the wind blowing through the prairie. It’s an every day part of life. Although invisible, wind influences how we see the prairie. It blows around the clouds, provides a source for energy, and shows us how it affects all aspects of the environment.

In this exhibit, visitors climb through the clouds, watch the wind mill turn, and can make the winds change course, moving objects in different ways. As children manipulate objects with wind and their own bodies while climbing, they learn about facing challenges, using critical thinking to solve problems, and logically mapping out the possible outcomes in order to choose their next direction of movement. Maneuvering through the museum’s Cloud Climber, a multi-level climbing structure, is an experience in safe risk-taking and adventure.


Learn more about these topics through the books below.
Many of these books are at the Brookings Public Library.

Ages 0–3

Kipper's Book of Weather, Mick Inkpen
Tell me Another!, Mathew Price
Catch That Hat!, Emma Chichester Clark

Ages 3–5

Hog Wild South Dakota Vacation, Brian Hansen & Todd Knutson
I Face the Wind, Vicki Cobb & Julia Gorton

Ages 6–8

The Windy Day, Brian G. Karas
Painting the Wind, Patricia MacLachlan
A Windy Day, In: What Kind of Day is it?, Lola Schaefer

Ages 9–12

Picture Book of South Dakota, Bernadine Bailey
Badlands: Beauty Carved from Nature – In Doors to America's Past, Linda Wade
South Dakota, In: America the Beautiful. Second series, Donna Walsh Shepherd
A Year Without Rain, Anne Love       
Feel the Wind, In: Let’s Read and Find out Science Book, Arther Dorros
Wind Power Whiz Kid, In:  Graphic Sparks, Buzz Beaker Brainstorms, Scott Nickel
Wind Power of the Future, In: Library of Future Energy, Betsy Dru Tecco
The Geography of South Dakota, Edward Patrick Hogan & Erin Hogan Fouberg