Children's Museum of South Dakota

Art Studio


Cut, Color, and Create

Explore, create and make a mess. This lively, open area inspires creativity and self-expression. Make a paper collage, paint, create with clay…there is always something fun to do.

The gallery supports children’s “outside of the box” thinking. Children learn that there are many ways to look at a problem and many ways to solve that problem. Valuing creativity and different perspectives is at the heart of Sensations.    


Learn more about these topics through the books below.

Many of these books are at the Brookings Public Library.

Ages 0-3

The Little Hands Art Book, Judy Press & Loretta Trezzo Braren
Art for Baby, Candlewick Press*

Ages 3-6

The Little Kid's Craft Book, Jackie Vermeer & Marian Lariviere Frew
Art, Patrick McDonnell*
My Very Favorite Art Book, I Love to Draw!, Jennifer Lipsey*
Touch the Art, Make VanGogh’s Bed, Julie Appel & Amy Guglielmo*
The Art Lesson, Tomie DePaola
A is for Art: An Abstract Alphabet, Stephen Johnson*

Ages 6-9

The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions, John Thomas & Danita Pagel
Still Life, In: Start with Art, Sue Lacey
What Do Illustrators Do?, Eileen Christelow
How to Draw Fish, In: A Kid’s Guide to Drawing, Justin Lee
Papermaking, In: Step-by-step Series, David Watson

Ages 9-12

Animation, Patrick Jenkins
Making Books, In: Step by Step Series, Charlotte Stowell
Clay Modeling, In: Step-by-step Series, Greta Speechley
Our Bodies & Art Activities, In: Arty Facts, Rosie McCormick
Animals & Art Activities, In: Arty Facts, Janet Sacks & Polly Goodman
Communication & Art Activities, In: Arty Facts, John Stringer
Optical Illusions in Art, or Discover How Paintings Aren’t Always What They Seem to Be, Alexander Sturgis
101 Amazing Optical Illusions, Terry Jennings & Alex Pang
Light, Color & Art Activities, In: Arty Facts, Barbara Taylor
Light & Color with Easy to Make Scientific Projects, In: Science for Fun Series, Gary Gibson
Special Effects, In: Learn Art, Deri Robins


*At the time of writing, these books were not found at the Brookings Library.