Children's Museum of South Dakota

Toddler Party Options

Toddler party Options (ages 1-2)

Our toddler birthday parties are designed for the curiosity of toddlers. These exploratory style parties are playful, nurture creativity, and ignite the imagination through hands-on experiences. All birthday parties at the Children's Museum of South Dakota are led by a facilitator trained in early childhood or elementary education. your party facilitator will introduce the activities, ensure there are enough materials, and engage in playful exploration with your party guests.

Sensational Party Theme

  • Dive into FUN with our full body sensory pools featuring Peek-a-Boo Pool and Ball Pit Bool.
  • Discover new textures at the Sensory Station with three different hands-on exploration bins such as Cake Dough, Floam, and Oobleck.
  • Ignite the imagination while exploring Colored Rise or Slime in our light tables

Dinosaur Party Theme

  • Embark on an adventure while becoming different dinosaurs during a sing-along.
  • Explore a Mud-dough dinosaur habitat.
  • Be a paleontologist and explore different fossils in a dinosaur dig.
  • Meet and play with Kota, our animatronic baby triceratops.
  • Creat a painting with dinosaur feet.
  • Build your own T-Rex fossil with cloud dough.
  • Design a prehistoric friend in our dinosaur creation station.


Arty Party Theme

  • Enjoy some creative movement with scarves/ribbons in the Toddler Tunes area.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with glitter finger paint.
  • Make yourown creation with scented play-dough.
  • Leave your mark with sponge painting.
  • Color outside the lines on our light table.
  • Craft a colorful collage on sticky contact paper.
  • Paint with your friends at a large easel.



Quarter Sheet Cake (feeds up to 20): $24.99